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The ’86 944 Punch List


Work on the 1986 944 in Copenhagen Blue has commenced. I’ve grown rather fond of the little thing these days as happens to many of my cars. This one appeared fairly complete on delivery but soon started to show that all was far from perfect. But I wasn’t looking for perfection. I was looking for a project. A car that needed some love so that I could do some learning. And I got what I bargained for.  Continue reading The ’86 944 Punch List

How Much Engine Can a 914 Take?

One question that popped into my head when driving the 1.7L car was, “how much power would be good for this car?” The 1.7 is rated for 80hp which is probably about 65 at the wheels. It doesn’t sound like much, but I suppose the VW Beetle at the time made do with 45hp (at the crank!). The car only weighs 2,000lbs or so. But 80 feels a little bit light.

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